what do event planners do

An event planner is also known as meeting planner or convention planner. If you have good leadership qualities and you are able to handle the pressure then you can be a good event planner. Arranging an event or making it successful is not an easy task. There are some characteristics and skills of successful event planner. These are as follows:


There are some responsibilities of event managers. These are as follows:

1. First of all the main task is to understand the purpose of the meeting.

2. Identify the need of the customers.

3. An event planner should have good communication skills.

4. An event planner should be a self starter and a team leader.

5. The nature of an event planner should be calm. He should have the ability to work under pressure.

Basic knowledge required for an Event planner.

An event planner should have a basic knowledge of marketing and international event management. All the main tasks such as venue selection, catering, gifts, entertainment, production, lodging and conference services. An event planner should be trained enough that in case of any emergency he or she will solve the problem and manage the situation.